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Information about FAST School


The FAST Riding School was started by Canadian Superbike Champion Michel Mercier in 1987. All courses are held at Shannonville Motorsports Park (SMP).

FAST offers several levels of rider training; from getting students introduced to track riding, all the way to coaching for professional racers. They also offer an "advanced cruiser/touring course" for riders looking to increase their abilities and confidence on their non-sportbikes.

Most courses are available with or without FAST School provided motorcycles and equipment.

Rates are;
$499 per day, using the school's motorcycles and equipment
$300 per day, using your own bike and equipment.

User Comments about FAST School:

Posted Jun 24, 2010 10:09:32
I am very happy to have taken the FAST School. Michel and his staff were very professional and knowledgeable. Their demonstrations and explanations were a big help and easy to understand.
I was thinking about using my own bike but after watching a guy wipe out his GIXXER on the first day I was very glad to have rented the schools bike and equipment. I did feel bad for the guy as his bike was not ridable and he didn't have another bike, but he did stand on the sidelines to watch everyone else practise their lessons on the track. Whats it cost for fairings and a cracked casing anyways! Oh well, use their bikes with insurance, its well worth it!
A big thanks Michel to you and all of your staff and goodluck to Andrew with his race in Alberta.

All the best, I will be back for phase 3!

Best Regards,

Posted Jul 23, 2009 09:36:24
Be prepared to accept damage to your bike if you ride your own. It's not always your own skill that matters but the temperament of the riders around you. While taking day 1 the other year I watched a "hot head" tuck the front wheel while taking a corner far too fast for a day 1 course and took out another bike. If you rent a bike from them and someone wipes you out, they simply give you another one! You can't beat that, well worth the extra $200.

Posted Jun 13, 2009 17:09:54
I have Completed level 1 and 2 of the fast riding School and I can't wait to do level 3. Lets just say I had a blast and I was going supper fast in the PM VS AM. I have confidence in my skills on the track and want to learn as much as I can Fast Riding Rules.

Posted Sep 26, 2008 22:57:11
If you feel you are a capable type of rider and use to dragging your knee(s) on public roads then I sincerely recommend that you use your own bike! I regret not doing this for my first outing at Shannonville; in the near future upon my return for a refresher course I will not hestate to use my own mode of tranportation (2006 cbr 1000 rr)

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