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Information about TMP-Cayuga

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Toronto Motorsports Part (Cayuga) is a relatively new racetrack built on the grounds of the Cayuga Dragway Park. The circuit takes advantage of an old air strip on the property.

The 3.0km track is flat, with some high speed sections mixed in with some tight technical corners. Run off room is generous in most corners.

Note the following from TMP's website; "Toronto Motorsports Park will conduct a number of noise tests. There will be two stationary tests on all vehicles that enter the road course, back and side @ 5 meters. Any vehicle entering the roadcourse must not exceed 102 dBa on the stationary tests. Toronto Motorsports thanks all road course users for their cooperation and compliance."

Cayuga does have some camping, restroom and shower facility but these are limited, and (the last time we checked) in a relatively poor state of repair.

Toronto Motorsports Park also organizes about 20 motorcycle lapping days per year. Cost is $125 with pre-registration (recommended) or $145 at the track. Discounted early season multi-day passes are also available.

The track is located about 25km south of Hamilton.

User Comments about TMP-Cayuga:

Posted Apr 24, 2011 10:23:45
Central location for Niagara residents, trackday organizers (Racer5, GWB's and now Turn2) put on some nicely organized events. Track is flat with decent grip, kind on tires.

Posted Apr 6, 2011 13:11:17
crappy track for a bike, you have to goto mosport or shannonvillve

Posted Oct 10, 2010 10:44:17
Went for my first track day at cayuga, yes the bathroom still smell, yes the track is bumpy, but i'm a noobie and i loved it, the staff was amazing, and helped out alot, i mean alot! So those who want to complain, MAN UP, GROW A PAIR, AND TAKE THIS TRACK HEAD ON WITH NO FEAR!!!

Posted Jun 9, 2010 19:19:25
Looking forward to try the track - sounds interesting!

Posted Jun 4, 2010 08:52:58
This track is in great shape, canít ask for better, Guys donít believe the reviews that people are posting they probably canít ride and thatís all, this track has no Concrete patches and itís not bumpy.

Posted May 5, 2010 16:47:41
Track needs to be re-surfaced, especially the exit to last double apex corner where if youíre carrying any speed your bike will skip towards the concrete wall, corner 1 and 2 after the straight away are also very bumpy. Safety needs to be improved as most track marshals are volunteers and donít seem to know what to look for. Organizers need to keep a better eye on whatís happening on the track and move slower riders down to slower groups and faster riders up.

Posted Dec 25, 2009 22:50:36
Alot more riders would attend if the track was re-paved.

Posted Jul 27, 2009 11:49:42
GWB and MJ's both run excellent track days safety first for both. The fuel guy needs to be there more often and raise a flag or something when he there.

Posted Oct 4, 2008 12:09:37
Restrooms plagued with sulfur water issues (odor) but otherwise decent. Shower facilities insufficient in quanity. Track surface is irregular, but kind on tires. Some turns feel almost polished and lack grip. Run off is sufficient for most turns save for turns 1, 3, 6, 11. Credibility of TMP from its 2005 fiasco has been poor, and this has resulted in 3rd party organizers being hired to operate the TMP corporate run trackdays. These 3rd party groups run a decent day, but TMP directly run days are poor, late on schedule and disorganized.

Posted Sep 6, 2008 06:13:59
The amount of people that run on the cayuga track would TRIPLE if they repaved the track.
The owner has got a very good company (GWB) that puts on the track days now and those guys do it properly

Posted Dec 26, 2007 09:31:11
The washroom facilities were improved for the '07 season, about equal to Mosport or Shannonville.

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